Frequently Asked Questions


How do I operate the battery?

The battery is turned on and off by tapping the end FAST five times.  There are three temperature settings, they can be adjusted, by tapping three times.  Low = light blue, Medium = dark blue and High = Purple.  We recommend medium (dark blue) for a strong hit but not too harsh.  If you wish, you can preheat the oil before you hit it by tapping four times fast. After 5 seconds take a hit.  In order to hit the pen, simply inhale, there are no buttons to press.

Is my battery or cartridge defective?

If the light at end of the battery is flashing white while you are inhaling, the connection between the battery and cartridge is not working.  If you are using our new all-ceramic cartridge, make sure the cartridge isn't screwed onto the battery too tight.  It's best to loosen slightly and try again. If you are experiencing a unique problem, please feel free to contact us via email at so we can personally respond to your request.


How long does it take for the gummies to kick in?

PLEASE ONLY EAT ONE GUMMY PER HOUR. The THC takes a while to get into your bloodstream so please use caution when eating edibles.  More or less in one hour you should start to feel the effects.

Where can I dispense Afterglow products?

Our products are dispensed in select cannabis associations around Spain.  For a list of clubs, please email us at or find us on Instagram @afterglowcannabis

Do you ship?


Due to the regulations around Spain and Europe, we cannot ship our products under any circumstances!